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Virtual therapy to get you back to yourself.

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You are

Feeling worn down and not sleeping well.

Stressed and not sure how to cope.

Having to work harder to maintain your usual high standards.

Feeling strained by obsessive thoughts or behaviors.

Too busy to waste any time before getting better.

You want

To feel in control in a healthy way.

To feel confident in your abilities.

To get back to how you were, or better.

To have stronger relationships.

To excel at work and with your family.

Dr. Margaret Schwartz Moravec

Margaret Moravec, PhD

How I Can Help

You're a busy parent or professional, ready to get better sleep, have better relationships, and feel less anxious. Online therapy sessions will help get you back on track– no time wasted commuting to sessions.

You are the expert on you. We'll bring together your expertise and mine to create personalized goals in partnership. We'll use sessions as a practice ground to try out new skills, explore your connections to other people, and to have a safe place to process what you've been through.

With over a decade of experience helping people overcome stressors, anxiety, trauma, OCD, and feel more in control in their lives, I am ready to help. 

We'll develop an action-oriented plan specifically for you. I'll be with you each step of the way. We'll track your progress, and get you back into your life, quickly.